About Us


Welcome to Widows Hope!

We are an organization dedicated to helping widows, widowers and their children in times of loss. Our goal is to assist widows and widowers walking the unwelcome path and devastating loss of a spouse by providing educational, emotional, spiritual, physical and financial resources needed to move forward.​


You Are Not Alone

Financial Support

We want to educate you and your supporters about finances. There are a vast number of young widows and widowers without life insurance; which can lead to financial difficulties. We want to help everyone understand these challenges. We are also working to develop a Needs and Dreams network.

Connect and Socialize

As widows and widowers we know your social circles change. We are hosting monthly social events for you to meet others walking in your same path. You can also volunteer and get involved in helping our organization. See the Events Calendar and fill out our email form to stay in touch.


Knowledge is power. We can help you as you travel this difficult new path in life. Our resources section is full of information. There is information in our First Steps area and our Resources section to help you.