BOD Position Description

Director’s Roles

Criteria and Expectations:

Each member agrees to:

  • Make Widow’s Hope one of their top three priorities in giving (i.e. among church, alma mater, etc.)
  • Give an annual contribution to Widow’s Hope (this contribution does not have to be personal, i.e. it may be a ‘give or get’ donation; special circumstances of Board members which prohibit this may be taken into account)
  • Play an active role in developing friends and supporters of Widow’s Hope
  • Attend regularly the scheduled Board meetings

Criteria for New Board members:

We are looking for people who:

  • Exemplify the mission and cause represented by Widow’s Hope—compassionate, independent, committed people
  • Are fueled to assist in Widow’s Hope’s growth and development by a passionate belief in the importance of the service offered to grieving children and families
  • Have positions of strong influence, and who can leverage community involvement
  • Have the willingness to make phone calls or visits, sign letters that will open doors to corporate, foundation and individual givers
  • Will be involved in the development of a comprehensive fund raising plan and be thoroughly familiar with and committed to it
  • Lead by example in their commitment, giving and involvement
  • Will advocate for the organization with all contacts—especially potential donors
  • Are willing to accompany the CEO, Executive Director, and/or Business Development Director on calls to solicit prospects
  • Motivate others to get involved and give
  • Will join the Board and “hit the ground running,” by proactively learning and assisting the Board and staff to seek excellence in program services and all aspects of the organization

Advisory Board Roles

Statement of Organization and Purpose for the Advisory Board of Widow’s Hope for Grieving Children

General Purpose:

To help enhance Widow’s Hope’s position in the community it serves.


  • To serve as an advocate for Widow’s Hope to the community through contacts, visibility and support.
  • To provide feedback to Widow’s Hope from the community.
  • To serve as an independent, unbiased sounding board.
  • To help the Board of Directors and Executive Director of Widow’s Hope in the solicitation of gifts and grants from individuals, corporations and foundations.
  • To provide advice on relevant and timely issues facing Widow’s Hope.


Advisory Board members will be comprised of interested, active and influential members of the community who are willing to utilize their influence and contacts to benefit the programs and services of Widow’s Hope.

Member Responsibilities:

Each member is requested to:

  • Introduce individuals to Widow’s Hope through Advisory Board Luncheons.
  • Be available for individual consultation to the CEO or Executive Director.
  • Assist in advocating for Widow’s Hope through feeding leads for, opening doors to, endorsing or assisting in solicitation activities as appropriate.