Tangled Ball of Emotions

The Tangled Ball of Emotions

Grief-The Tangled Ball of Emotions. By H Norman Wright.

If you have or are currently experiencing a loss you will recognize some of the tangled ball of emotions that you are experiencing in the diagram. The diagram helps us understand the complexity of emotions we could experience. It’s hard to read the diagram, so here are some of the emotions; sadness, anxiety, confusion, dismay, apathy, rage, disappointment, resentment, fear, pain, anger, jealously, abandonment, envy, betrayal, loneliness and anguish.

Knowing that they are part and parcel of the process is in itself very beneficial in helping us understand that what we are experiencing is normal as we try and come to terms with our loss, most people will experience most if not all of the emotions within the diagram. When you experience loss it seems that everyone is an expert, we’ve all experienced it, those people who feel that as a result of their loss they somehow know how we can be fixed. What I have learned studying End of Life Coaching is that “we are not broken,” yes our worlds are torn apart but we are not broken. Dr Alan Wolfelt defines Bereavement; “To be torn apart and to have special needs”. If you have experienced the loss of someone special in your life, you will understand what Dr Wolfelt means. The life that you have lived until now is torn apart and changed forever. There’s no way of out of grief and mourning, the only way is through it, every second, minute, hour, day, week and year . There is also no time limit when someone “should be over the loss” or “have moved on”. The complexity of grief really is a roller coaster of emotions, grieving and mourning is very important in dealing with the loss.