You Are Not Alone

Our desire is to provide practical information that will help you, and your friends and family, navigate the grief journey. Family and friends are impacted and can be expected to experience the stages of grief. It is important to share the astounding statistics that will help “normalize” the new path you find yourself on. Knowing that others have walked this path and have similar experiences, will offer you Hope.

Bog Lough, Co. Donegal Ireland by Hendrickson Fine Art Photography

This beautiful piece of art is donated by Nancy Hendrickson, a young widow,
in honor of her late husband Barry. Barry’s remarkable photos features emotive
landscapes. Please click here to view and purchase Barry’s photographic legacy.


International Widows’ Day, June 23

On this International Widows’ Day, the UN salutes all governments, organizations and individuals working for justice and equality for widows, and for all women and men around the world.

An estimated 115 million widows are currently living in poverty, and 81 million have suffered physical abuse, some from members of their own family. Adolescent girls, many of whom have been married off too early to much older men, are at great risk with very little protection.

It is our collective duty to ensure that widows of all ages and their children are treated as full and equal citizens, with equal opportunities for education, participation in the economy and decision-making, and a healthy life free of violence and discrimination. We must recognize the role of widows as not only victims of poverty, conflict and natural disasters but as peace-builders and re-builders of families, communities and societies.

We look after widows and their children, because if we don’t, no-one else will.

• These are the Widowed Statistics
According to the U.S. Census Bureau 800,000 people are widowed each year in the United States. This is only the beginning… read the rest here.

• The Widowed Checklist
There are a few things that we wished someone would have told us as we waded through the paperwork that is necessary when someone dies.

• Tips for Helping Widowers
Men grieve differently then women. Look for tips for widowers written by Pete Rullifson, one of our board members.

• “The Widow’s Might” by Miriam Neff
800,000 join our ranks annually. We are a fast growing demographic noticed by new home builders and a lucrative niche for health and beauty products. We are invited to dinners by financial planners and surveyed by designers for home features that will convince us to sign on the dotted line. 

• How to Pull Out of Grief  After Personal Tragedy, Robin Smalley Found Happiness Helping Moms Save Babies

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