Julie McDaniel

“Not only was I blessed once, but twice.  I can again tell you that grief continues in my life each and every day…but it also continues to bring new thoughts feelings and experiences. I miss my Tyrone each and every day even with all my new Blessings. But each day goes on, and I continue to live on.”


My sister, Joan,  just mentioned your website [Widow’s Hope]  this morning.   I knew of you over the years and how amazing you are as a person because of how my sister speaks of you!

My husband’s name is Tyrone. He was diagnosed with cancer in June 2011. In December we got married and two weeks later he passed. I was living down south in Florida for the past 13 years.

Unexpectedly, I met a man just over a year ago. Not only was I blessed once, but twice. I just got married again in August but unfortunately had to move back to freezing Minnesota to be a part of his daily life!

I can assure you two years ago I would have never believed I would be married and loved again. But as I learned, and you have mentioned on the website, our plan is not necessarily God’s plan.

After 18 months of grief counseling with an amazing individual, I continue to learn and grow through my grief. I now live here in Minnesota and was just telling my sister that, after I changed my career due to the move, I feel like there is more to life than what I do for my job. I am intrigued by your efforts to help others. What you are doing, matters. And I thank you for that. I would love an opportunity to help others in that capacity. You are Blessed to be able to give such a gift.